Recruitment Criteria:

Recruitment is done without any prejudice and biasness and regardless of gender, cast and religion. Equal employment opportunities are given to employees. We have recruited employees from diverse cultures and languages, all working under one roof as 1 UNIT. Employees are further awarded and promoted according to their efforts and hard work.

Job Security and Sustainability

The strong believe in long term sustainability of our employees and helping them in every possible way is the key factor that gives employees peace of mind about their jobs.

Health and Safety

Health and safety of the employees is the top priority Osaka company. Our company functions in a manner that it completely neglects the chance of occurrence of any major accident and perhaps reduces the probability of threat to employee’s health.  We give drills to employees in case of any major mishap. That is why the company is certified OHSAS 18001:2007.


We believe in environment friendly production with reduction of waste and pollution. We also believe that a clean and healthy environment is a sacred trust for our future generations. That is why we work in an efficient manner in which we specially focus on effective use of electricity and promoting recycling and reusing techniques. The company is certified with ISO 14001:2004.


For the uniform appearance, company provides three different colors of uniforms. White uniform is for employees who are in charge of their respective division. Black uniform is for technical staff and Red uniform is for helpers. This way employee can be differentiated easily on the basis of technical/skilled and unskilled labors.