What is OSAKA?
Osaka is an entity that realizes the needs of the customer and brings joy to its customers by fulfilling their needs. 

Osaka’s Goal in Branding
To create a brand that is well known and supported by people’s expectations and appreciation.

Osaka’s Driving Force
The expectations and appreciation of the people from Osaka is the driving force for us to meet their expectations.


We are here because of our customers. They are the reason for the presence of our business. We along with our dealers make sure that our clients and customers enjoy the highest level of satisfaction and joy from the use of Osaka motorcycles.

Engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as superiority of something. Quality is a perceptual, conditional and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people. We at Osaka ensure that our products that we offer and services that we render meet the expectations of our customers and also meet the set standards of excellence by the industry leader.

To develop and maintain business through continuous induction of improved hard and soft technologies.

Healthy and viable business safeguards interest of shareholders by maximizing profit.

To provide an environment where each employee (associate) can show his talent and also learn from others. This will build confidence inside each member and will enhance and continuously up-date each member’s capabilities and education.

Corporate Citizens
To work in compliance with all government laws and regulation, to maintain high standard of ethics in every aspect of business and to act as a responsible member of the society.