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Our Company

The company has vast and tremendous experience in the field of automotive industry. A short history of the company is stated below:

Company is having vast experience in auto industry and in-fact third generation has entered this business. The company consists of the following sister concerns:

  1. Osaka Automobile Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (OAI). (Industry)
  2. A.FASQA auto parts manufacturing Company. (Vendors Network)
  3. Osaka Corporation (Import/Export)
  4. Swan Corporation. (Import/Export)
  5. Sohail & Co. (Trading)
  6. Firdous & Co. (Trading)


The history of the group starts from Haji Abdul Aziz Khan (late), a very well known, reputed and credit worthy business man of Peshawar. In the year 1948, Haji Abdul Aziz, father of Mr. Firdous Aziz (current Chairman and C.E.O of the company) and the founder of the group of companies, started his business with the blessings of Almighty ALLAH and prayers of his mother with just 500 rupees which was equivalent to almost 300 dollars of that time as dollar was equal to 1.5 rupees. The business was started in the name and style of Aziz & Company to deal with the spare parts of different motorbikes namely Triumph, Tiger Cub & Matchless. Then in 1958-59, Haji Abdul Aziz along with his elder brother, Haji Inayat Ullah, started importing scoters & auto rickshaws of the well known Piaggio Vespa Company from Italy. This import business was carried out till 1968 and after that in the year 1968-69, Khawaja Auto Cars Limited entered into a business contract with Piaggio Company for licensing and technical assistance and together they installed a manufacturing unit in Karachi and started production of scooters and auto rickshaw. Due to this contract, the direct import was closed and the local dealers were left with no choice but to buy from Khawaja Auto Cars Limited. Accordingly, the whole distribution for Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa (N.W.F.P) was taken over by Haji Abdul Aziz and this continued till year 2000. Infact, Mr. Haji Abdul Aziz is the person who introduced the Italian brands, Lamberetta, Vespa and three wheeler rickshaw, in Pakistan. During the Bhutto government, when private firms were started nationalized so in the fear of being taken over by the government, Khawaja Auto Car Limited got sold to Raja Group of companies. During the period 1958-2000, 50,000 units of scooter & rickshaw were sold in Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa (N.W.F.P) by Aziz & company.

In the late 1970’s, Japanese technology was at its peak and they introduced Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki bikes of 2-stroke which gained the attention of the general public. Looking at the changing trend, Aziz & company became the main spare parts dealers of Vespa, Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki and bike distributor of Honda, Suzuki & Kawasaki only. In 1970 Firdous & Company was launched by Haji Abdul Aziz in the name and proprietorship of his elder son, Mr. Firdous Aziz, to deal in whole sales & retail sales of genuine, Italian, Japanese, Taiwan and Chinese spare parts of all the motorbikes at provincial level.

In 1980, Sohail & Company was launched by Mr. Firdous Aziz to deal with the Japanese brand motorcycles including Kawasaki, Suzuki & Honda and to deal with the spare parts of Russian bikes including Minsk, Java, Vescot, Hetch, Cuba and spare parts of Tiger generators of China. Afghanistan used to import Russian bikes, Minsk-125cc, Cuba-150cc, Hetch-350cc, Vescot-175cc & Java-175cc from Russia. When Russia invaded Afghanistan and the war started in the year 1980 that created an acute shortage of spare parts for the above bikes in Afghanistan as the channels through which these parts used to get imported from Russia got destroyed. This situation was capitalized by Sohail & company under the vision of Mr. Firdous Aziz and his younger brother Mr. Iftikhar Aziz who very timely started 3rd party manufacturing of these parts under the brand name of A.FASQA Auto parts Manufacturing Company. The parts were manufactured by highly skilled labor on dies & machines of international standards from old materials & scraps at low prices. Very soon the brand A.FASQA made its market and reputation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran & CAR’s for its quality and price. Along with auto parts, Sohail & Company also started manufacturing of Chinese generator parts in late 80’s as Chinese generators were in use in Afghanistan.

In the year 2003, Chinese bikes were also launched in Pakistani markets and the group was amongst the first business men in Pakistan, who introduced Chinese bikes in this market. These bikes were similar in shape and style as that of Honda bikes.

Keeping in view the above situation, Osaka Corporation was established and with the help of Chinese businessmen started manufacturing OSAKA-125cc motorbikes and 3-wheeler motorcycle rickshaw in China on trial basis. After manufacturing OSAKA in China, it was launched in Pakistan and Afghanistan at the same time in the year 2004 and the results were tremendous.

This success became instrumental in setting up an assembling/ manufacturing unit under the name and style of OSAKA Automobile Industries (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan at Industrial Estate, Hayatabad, Peshawar. The unit is the largest unit and only one of its kind in K.P.K Province and the third largest production unit in Pakistan with overall production capacity of 108,000 units per annum. It must be added here that the factory is installed on total own equity and no borrowing has been made from any financial institution for the project.

Swan Corporation, a concern of the group, involved in the manufacturing of spare parts of high quality and international standard at China and supplies the same to Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. The brand, Swan, is well known in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. Mr. Iftikhar Aziz, the younger brother of Mr. Firdous Aziz, looks after this business based in Lahore.

The Company also manufactures components in-house for its use. OSAKA motorcycles are amongst the leading and the largest selling motorcycle brands in the country with an unmatched reputation for high quality, affordable prices, reliability and after-sales-service.

OAI management is striving to modernize company operations by adapting applicable aspects of research and theory. Company management structure, systems and processes are changed according to the demands of the customer, growth and new technology. The Company training and development programs encourage all members to develop themselves and contribute to their full potential.

OAI is playing a vital role in creating conditions for easy and confident use of motorcycles all over the country. A vast and growing network of sales service and spare parts dealers has been established. Mobile training facilities take the latest know-how, technology and maintenance of motorcycles to major rural and urban centers around the country.

Annual Production Capacity:

  • 2 Wheeler & 3 wheeler motorbikes (108,000) approx.
  • Engine (200,000) approx.



Company mother plant is based in city of hospitality, courage and provincial capital of K.P.K, (formerly N.W.F.P), The Peshawar city. It is located at 35, Industrial Estate, Hayatabad. Peshawar. Plant manufactures 70cc, 125cc motorbikes and 125cc 3-Wheeler auto vehicle/ rickshaw.


  1. Afghanistan.
  2. Central Asia.
  3. Bangladesh.